Fundraisers and Family Gatherings


School Fundraisers

(call us today at 817.485.8222)

Rollerworld NE will host a roller skating “Fun”raiser for your school’s students, faculty, family, and friends. Private evening times are available. Its a great idea for school PTA’s/PTO’s, Student Councils, or other organizations. We charge a reduced admission fee for your guests.

Once you have a 60 full paid skaters who have paid at the door then organization will then split the rest of the admission.  The organization will receive their earnings the same night as the party.


Promote family togetherness by scheduling a Family Fun Night for your school! Its a great idea for PTA drives while promoting fitness and fun! Burn 875-1000 calories in just 2 hours of skating.

Please note that fund-raising parties can be used for any school, group or organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. We would love to help you raise funds for your cause.

Special Note: Rollerworld NE will provide coupons from your teachers and principal to be given out for student rewards, Halloween, winter holidays, and other special occasions.

Rollerworld NE has donated thousands to local schools!

Dates are limited – call or email Rollerworld NE today to reserve your School “Fun”Raiser!

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